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Dave Ferdinand

Founder & CEO

In 1991 Dave Co-Founded and was Co-Artistic Director of One Dream Theatre,
a great little 99 seat Off-Off-Broadway house in Tribeca, NY. After hosting, producing & designing hundreds of shows, and working with incredibly talented artists, performers, artists, and designers many of whom have gone onto great success, the real estate market made non-profit theatre in Tribeca, non-possible.
During those years, in a small room backstage, Dave founded One Dream Sound. One Dream Productions, has gone on to design and supply services & equipment to well over 100,000 events & performances. We were averaging over 800 individual shows (3,000+ performances) every year when COVID hit!
We had the gear and the talent, and in less than 60 days we were doing virtual events as SDN Broadcast, innovating our way into being one of the most flexible and comprehensive digital live event platforms in the country.

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